Recorded in the Spring of 2009 with Kevin Bernsten @ Catastrophic Sound in Baltimore, MD


released January 25, 2010

Kyle Durfey - Vocals
Chad McDonald - Guitar
Mike York - Guitar
David Haik - Drums
Zac Sewell - Bass



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Pianos Become The Teeth Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Filial
Too seldom sanguine,
Always crying over closed doors
You should feel like you should,
You should feel like you should adapt well with a wistful heart
I could never take it, but I'll give you your breath back
Infants and whales still have the holes there, never proving to be born on time
You keep your eyes to the light between finger and thumb and the sky just laughs as I Stare at the grass,
The sun, the green, I want the snow years ago
I'll say it about routine
I cant wait, I can't wait
I want the genes
I want the era before me
I want ideas as imprints
I want the future, I want the future
I want your mistakes, what we were, what I was, what I'll be, what we'll see
Hunters only stop to see the scenery when they've caught up,
Watching what we have in common that makes us the men some love
I'm not telling you who the rhythm is from, something to look forward to "while im young"
One day at a time, I'll never say anything when no one is looking
I'll be so old, finally seeing
Picking right days as they come
Learning days said like this
As purses and sheaths
Track Name: Cripples Can't Shiver
I'm looking more like you everyday old man, in every way I'm feeling phantom pains from the fire you've dropped on your legs
I'm storing my uplifting-look backs for my time in that seat
alone in your world, alone in your world just a wall away, angry at the stages of the day
Your speech has gotten slow and youve lost so much weight
The family knees have gotten weak
The family skin has gotten languid
If you put your gums in, and i let mine recede, if you keep your pride I'll be your eyes
I'll save my temper, save my rage for the hot on your hands because cripples can't shiver
6 hours 6 hours 6 hours
Of telling fields our health deserves more,
Please don't disappear with the room, please don't give up on going out
Spending time at a split foyer choosing up or down
I've waited, he never came, I'm assuming life fair
The mold promises these sheets stay damp so my lungs wont last
But i swear I'd at least break the fingers of the hand that dealt this to you
Track Name: Quit Benefit
You cant see but you're the best at hearing the friends we could be
Insipid but still charming the hair off of our tongues, singing of dying early just to be loved
I'm ignoring grasp
Decorating your walls with our senses,
I'll tease you with a breeze in the heat
Do your bottoms touch your tops?
You are a parrot to what you hear
You are a parrot to what youve heard
Do the levels talk about you?
You cant see but youre the best at hearing the friends we could be
"You had this sadness and the pain, it made you attractive"
Oh oh oh well trucks, they know the water they throw so well, so at sea
Saved faces are still faces
What we knew we didnt say, what we didnt, we mouthed
We are not just as good as our words, we are not just elevator talk
Track Name: Pensive
The first man saw his scope
Making lists, he asked "will it look like this tomorrow?"
Excuse you, behoove you to live a spiders life and "clean up nice"
Placate away, placate away and grow up tame
Tonight I saw what I'll never be, old men walking and the reveries badgering me
My longevity lays in my feet,
Im counting fridays on calendars
Im seeing signs in my yellow teeth
I do my best thinking while driving but now
I have to wear glasses and they've been doing roadwork for years
Its funny how towns never lose their smells
Its funny how now I scythe and scowl about missing this house
You can learn to live without anyone, you just cant live with the re-runs
Im ready to let my hair down, Im ready to move to the woods until the floor boards get raspy, I'm ready, I'm ready
Sometimes I wish I could stop scratching at my wheals, scratching at the heels of my sneaks