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Keep You (Deluxe Edition)

by Pianos Become The Teeth

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Christie Joesbury
Christie Joesbury thumbnail
Christie Joesbury I was traveling the country for Americorps in 2014-2015 and randomly found this album on a list of post hardcore albums and I fell in love with the album and band. My teammates had to tell me to play other things in the van because I played it all the time. Singing along to "Waiting for that drink at Otto" everytime the band play Ottobar is really fun. Favorite track: Repine.
Chanta Darra Chuong
Chanta Darra Chuong thumbnail
Chanta Darra Chuong The sound shift for this band on this album is phenomenal. Gorgeous work! Favorite track: Repine.
deluded_marxist thumbnail
deluded_marxist A grandiose post-rock musical statement, Keep You utilises its brooding musical soundscapes to explore in lucid detail the feelings of loss, failure and desperation. A triumphant, yet still humble, album. Favorite track: Dancing.
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Sprinting off the dock, shallow water mud, ripple water shine, second day of our stay, it was, and it's been a long time, it was, but now it's not mine, I took the boat out on the lake, and I was okay, need to get that feeling back, once in a lifetime, ripple water shine, the wind and the paddle drip, the moving on life, it was, and it's been a long time, it was, but now it's not mine, life moving on, setting my heart, the sun's steady pressure saw the ticking stop, but I was all smiles, I'm still waiting for that drink at Otto's, I'm still always slowly waiting for what follows, for what I've learned about being so defined by someone dying, and for thinking before I speak, hoping for something bigger, but it's a size I cant teach, for how things were, or how they should be, like a bolt from the blue, you left me that belief, ripple water shine, it's been a long time, now it's not mine, and it's all right...
April 04:41
I drink my drink from your mug made of tin, but what happened 7/31/76 that made them etch your name and the date? what'd I miss? It was a Saturday. You got your wasting, you got away, you got your dad, his dying days, you got it all, I've been wasting, I've been away, it's not that bad, most days. Those towns that shut down so early, I think of your body right where it should be, and I think I should get rid of it, that old brown chair clicked and rang loud as hell, you said you were a drunk, it rang loud as hell, and your brother said, "bullshit," I never told anyone but it kept me awake, spring sleep's never been good to me anyway. I got your picture sitting on the sink, you were so young, so skinny, so quick to laugh, water dripped and hit your cheek in the right spot, it ruined my week, when I just wanted to wash the filth off. I have this feeling where I'm still owed something, every April I'm reminded about those bright flowers they talk about, every May I'm reminded that it's better buried in black and white, and I'll allow myself this tonight.
Lesions 03:44
If it's true, here's me telling you, and here's me glad as hell that you'll never know, and ever since I heard, I've cursed her for putting that idea in my head, I wear a stock smile so well, "I'm doing just fine," but what'd you do to make it better? I'm telling you, I've seen what it can do, but what'd you do to make it better? I wear a stock smile so well, but who deals with anything like this well? And if it's true, here's me telling you, and here's me glad as hell that you'll never know, and I think I lost my way, and either I stopped caring, or I've been looking for it ever since and maybe those two go hand in hand, and like you said, "sometimes you just shouldn't know, shouldn't ask," I've been rushing through the world without a chance to really see, and oh, I've been so touch and go, I find myself moving my legs to make sure I still can, and telling myself I don't have time, I'll just wait and curse the day.
Old Jaw 04:40
You're about what you're about, let me tell you what I found, you're about what you're about, you can tell me how it sounds, you're about what you're about let me tell you I have my doubts, every word in your mouth always lifted these lashes, every word in your mouth got the lashes out, every word in your mouth, those stories so warming, so profound, I guess I marked my life with your lines more than I ever did mine, my eyes couldn't hide from the old you and I, my face rusted like those wind chimes in rust light, well I've never easily risen, I've never had those old jaw jokes, I've never had that old Ed size, I've never had Robert's prison guard skin, I've learned it's the fingers and the placement, something about that always stuck, and I'm just stubborn enough, but those years were the weight giving way, so you'd startle awake, just a time, just a place, just a name remembered with the photo and the frame, you're about what you're about and so on....
Repine 05:07
How's it stand? What are we? Let that sand flush my cheeks, wear me out, keep me clean, keep me longing, keep that quiet company, wear me out, I heard a voice telling me, like your smoke waving, and my eyes repine, wear me out that wick wont burn away, it's giving uneven rings. Wear me out, like a sister haunting absence, like a sister who's finally had it, like a room left open just for being kept, like some lonely facet, like the promise of a place and knowing you're neither here nor there, wear me out, and the tree tops like crooked beliefs, cross hatch crows feet reaching for the Baltimore heat, and I repine faster and faster now, your wick wont burn away. What are we without regret? What are we? Wear me out. What are we without that end? Without that death? That darkness? Wear me out. There's so many parallels from then until now, we try to believe, we keep telling ourselves, it's a flaw that can't be faked. I heard a voice passing through, and I know it's never you, and I know what I'm looking to find, and I repine faster and faster now, your wick wont burn away.
Late Lives 03:46
How odd life would be if you had made it from Elmira to Kansas City, Instead you cried the whole way, punching the wheel home, and I forget his name, but like Billy said, "you can't be everything you want to be, before your time," so slow it down, because everyone will wait for you, there's no fire, just the heat where the sweat never leaves, you never fully dry out, so stand still, the air will move, it'll wash over you and almost cool you off, and like you said, "what the hell is the rush?" Well you, you're one to talk, gone a little too soon, but I know you hated being late, and I guess you arrived right on time, and I'm still here, still on this side of the grass, but lately I'm feeling halfway there, and that's a long time for late lives and separate failures, with not much to show but a lack of posture, I know I drove myself to this, I think you already know, I think you already heard, at least I hope, how odd life would be if you had made it from Elmira to Kansas city, and in the end, it's like you said, "that's as good as it gets, man."
Enamor Me 04:31
Old trains on Haskell in Arcade, sitting silent and strange, I let myself rust, I've shed a lot of water over you, the grass has gotten so flush, I let myself harp too much, I don't feel any closer to you here, I had a thought to make a charcoal trace of your grave and hang it on my wall, merely for the sake of being sentimental of another time, another place, another life, it's easier to remember your face, I don't feel any closer to you here, it's easier to remember your face, it's the little triggers, your bones were done for, I'll leave them alone, you're not dreaming, I know, empty eyes can't see me, I know, your bones were done for, I'll drink to my own, I'll leave them alone, it's all getting old, sometimes, I don't stop off of 54 to see you anymore, U143, a few rows back from that second tree. Enamor me. Sometimes, you'd say, "hey ugly," when I'd walk in the room, "even the wind is like you," so be the rot in a plot but enamor me. I dont feel any closer to you here.
Traces 02:40
Who did the decorating? Who hung up your words? And who's not worried what I didn't say? Who did the decorating? What happened to the traces today? When you know you know, well I don't. I'm tied by the way of church keys, missed weddings, I'm tied by the way everyone talks about everything, I'm breathing easy, I'm breathing sharp, I'm all sand and heat, I'm keeping you, I leave nothing behind but traces for myself to find, I picked the new, I chose the rust, I'm keeping you, the way we'd choose a perfume, sweet, but not quite right, a haunting air, some sound advice still left to find, I'm tied by the way of church keys, missed weddings, I'm tied by the way everyone talks about everything.
The Queen 03:44
"You probably don't remember, but I made it a point to anyway," as long as I can, I think you might remember, a tree in Seven Valleys with golden string, a promise we made for every day, and we're taking names, not taking traits, mind you, you are the bulbs hanging from the ceiling on a sinewy string, mind you, you're beyond me, there's something to be said for being spoken for, a certain solidarity, and you handle me with such a delicate demeanor, you know what I'll think, it's about who you love, it's about who you tell, and my voice carries more than it should but not now, it's not the thought that counts, it's the pulling through, not my mind that wanders, it's your heart that keeps me and mine you, mind you I can hold my breath forever, for as long as I can, mind you, my dirty hair in your lap will be the feathers in the grass, but for now your sugar the sap in my selfish glass, you want to be planted beneath the leaves, bloom and blow with the breeze, but not yet, but not now, "we can always be found."
Say Nothing 07:03
So let's say nothing some more, because this is something more than me, and I got what I need, but sleeping, when I should've been alive, it still gives me sand, but clouds my eyes, I thought about the rust, the quote on the ledge about living on, "that great conciousness of life," oh, what we frame and hang to get by, whatever keeps your heart light, whatever keeps you is all right by me, but maybe I don't want to talk about how this life layed me down, or how I saw the change because I didn't see you everyday, unspoken looks and what the leaving took, a lack of noise isn't a lack of life, and that's the way I think it's always been because, "I say it all, when I say nothing at all," so let's say nothing some more, and let the words burn their way across the floor because if these walls could talk, I still couldn't get over a God damned soul, and I can't hold smoke, so let's say nothing some more, because the sand stays with me, because the sand keeps you.
895 05:48
The back and forth repeat, it's nothing new, I'm not who I want to be for you, eager eyes got a funny way of shining through, just before the bore and you say, "the bridge looks like it's made with K's," for my name, shaped just like your right hand veins, paler than the salt stacks in the rain, burnt sulfur sparks tonight, that Gold Club sign lights up just right, it gets covered by the ivy in the summertime, I turn sharp and I race by, we all rush, it always stays, so serene, and I can't change, you know that's just my way and your eyes say, "come inside, warm those hands," well, what can I say with so little time? Still honest, a kind face, it's fitting, such a waste, that "good night" kind of smile, it faded with my time, I'm getting close to who I want to be for you, I'm getting close, I'm racing home, I'm getting that ribcage rattle, I'm getting close, I'm racing home, I'm "choking on feel good," I'm getting close, I'm racing home, the back and forth repeat, I'm getting close, I'm racing home.
Dancing 03:41
Just kind of float around the house, my white noise, it always howls, and I'm dancing to the motion of what I need, when you just want to dance with me, just kind of goes back to the old half-assed tries and the Pigtown mold, I was much better then, when we started again, you're the better half best of me grip me, grab me down, paint me certain, paint me yours, I should know, it's where you take it from, where you take it to, and what you take it for, our sugar was earned so let's take it some more, white like the lack of paint behind the radiator, paint me, white like the blue bottle bedside reflection, paint me, back then it was too early to tell, too early to see, just kind of float around the house, my white noise sings a howling sound, and keep dancing to the motion of what I need, and your dancing is all I see.
Arizona 04:25
You don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat, you were loyal to a fault but I know I left a lot of it all with you, I was so passive when you left Maryland, you don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat, you were loyal to a fault but I know I left a lot of it all with you, I was blood red and I can't mend it, but I found peace, I ran away, it's a hard pull to swallow, it's a hard truth to tell and take, you don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat, you were loyal to a fault but I know I left that rust sky with you, I wish I knew the way you viewed me when I withdrew, Was it preferred or just used to? I know I used you, you don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat, you were loyal to a fault but I know I left a lot of it all with you, I wish I knew the way you viewed me when I withdrew, was it preferred or just used to? I know I used you, I found peace when I ran away, I tied you to a state and found the sea, the frozen water warmer than the blistering dry heat.


released October 27, 2014

Pianos are:
Kyle Durfey – Vocals
Chad McDonald – Guitar
Michael York – Guitar
David Haik – Drums
Zac Sewell – Bass

Additional Strings performed by Shelly Weiss

Produced and Engineered by Will Yip
Mixed by Will Yip and Vince Ratti
Studio Assistant – Matt Abel
Recorded and Mixed at Studio 4, Conshohocken, PA

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York

All songs written and performed by
Pianos Become the Teeth (Pianos Publishing/SESAC)
All lyrics by Kyle Durfey

Photography by Dani Yurchinkonis
Design by August Schwartz

A&R: Brett Gurewitz

Worldwide Representation: Graham Martin
North American Agent: Matt Pike, Kenmore Agency
European Agent: Tom Taaffe, The Agency Group
Legal: Scott Bradford, Serling Rooks Ferrara McKoy
& Worob, LLP

Pianos would
like to thank:
The Haik Family, The York Family, The Hoelscher Family, The Durfey Family, The Hussong Family, Jo & Chris Mcdonald, The Yurchinkonis Family, The Sewell Family, The Vazquez Family, Ally Vazquez, Lauren Durfey, Dani Yurchinkonis, Amanda Adams, Christen, Mike, Caitlyn & Ryan Clement, August Schwartz, Will Yip, Mike Henderson & Jessie Durfey, Eddie & Katie Resende, Drew & Kay Ewing, Mawds, Ghost Baby Two Three House (Kyle Young, Devin O’Donoghue, Brandon Schultz), Jimmy Rhodes, Lukas Previn, Jonah Bayer, Cole Crick, Pat Martin, Adam Vass, Geoff Rickly, Paul Nelson, Jason Ryan, Billy Doll, Nabeen Singha, Matt Meehan, SJC Drums, The O’Donoghue Family, Troll Thread, Meatball, Travis Young, Ryan Alden, Graham Martin & Velvet Hammer, Matt Pike & the Kenmore Agency, Merrick Jarmulowicz, Tom Taffe & the Agency Group, Matthew Williams, Michael Larue, Stephen Smeal, Dustin Thornton, Joey Edwards, Josh Regensburg, Phil Fosler, Wes Young, The Bad Dudes, Kris Fulton, Brett Gurewitz & Epitaph Records, Kevin, Seth & Topshelf Records, Mitchel Wojcik, Kevin Bernsten, Drums Unltd, Charm City Art space, Simon Gallacher, Krzysztof Paciorek, Kirk Harrington, Dave Williams, Paul & Lauren Haile, Ian Simpson, Navid Manoochehri, Lyle Murphey, Yikel Mork, DaveRave, Sssssac, Chaddy Daddy, & every band we’ve shared time with on the road, past and future.


all rights reserved



Pianos Become The Teeth Baltimore, Maryland

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